Craft beers

For over forty years, Zago is a family business located in the north-east of Italy, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, halfway between Venice and the city of Trieste. These territories of great culture in hospitality and in the gastronomic field have inspired the founder to create craft beers alive, in a single word: unrivaled, as an alternative to table wine.

The natural

The integral – Blonde

100% unpasteurized whole barley malt, soft and persistent to sweet, unfiltered with a veiled appearance, with creamy and velvety foam, special integral, low fermentation, bright yellow color
Gradation: Alc. 5.5% Vol.

33 cl. e 75 cl.


La Luppolata – Amber

100% malt of barley, soft, sweet and pleasantly hopped with a good persistence, in perfect IPA style with very fine foam, abundant and creamy, high fermentation, light amber color
Gradation: Alc. 5.7% Vol.

33 cl.  e 75 cl.

The agriculturals

IPA – Amber

IPA style, amber color, persistent body, citrus hints
Gradation: Alc. 5.5% Vol.

50 cl.


Strong Ale – Red

Ale style, refermented in the bottle, copper color
Gradation: Alc. 7% Vol.

50 cl.